Compositions from the Temple of Pilgrims

The Temple of Pilgrims is quite a weird place. It’s a small house made partly of wood, and partly of all kinds of materials. It was located in the central part of Russia, on one of the roads leading, as Coetzee put it, “to the very heart of the country”. For many centuries, Pilgrims used it on their way to rest, think, and pray. Some of them left some drawings and inscriptions on the walls, then they left to be succeeded by new ones. “Compositions from the Pilgrims Temple” are fragments of the walls of this temple that we were lucky to find.
Those are layers of memory about a lot of people that we will never get to know, for they are long gone.

The project goal is for the viewer to comprehend the phenomenon of time and the historical existence of the humans, thereby weighing their life on a cosmic scale. A sense of being part of the history of mankind and the universe promotes consciousness and protects people from the ideological pressure we are constantly object of nowadays.

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