Onda paintings at the exhibition “Space Exploration»

Scenic art objects ONDA ” Chertanovo. Structural landscape” and ” Janitor. Structural portrait “participate in the exhibition “space Exploration”. It was held from 02.07. to 23.08.2020 in the gallery “Khodynka” (Exhibition halls in Moscow). The exhibition is dedicated to the experience of self-isolation, which this year faced a huge number of people around the world.…
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Loft: style, history, conception

The first lofts appeared in new York in the 1930s and their birth is due to the great depression. Companies went bust one by one. Empty real estate had to be rented out for virtually nothing and not to businesses, but to ordinary people. Most of all, of course, Bohemian artists were lucky – not…
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What is art? Hypotheses of twentieth-century philosophy

It is funny that this question was seriously asked only in the twentieth century. Before this, Plato’s opinion of the imitative nature of art was taken for granted. But there were abstract artists, there was Marcel Duchamp with his ready-made works, and suddenly it turned out that art is broader and more complex. The question…
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