About Us & Our Work

We are a family of a metal designer, a graphic designer and artist, a performer, and an art critic. Different paths have brought each of us into this project, and that’s how now we are working together. Our creative experiences are very varied, yet still we understand each other at a very deep level, which allows us to enrich and complement each other, while keeping everyone’s uniqueness. We use kind of “seasoned” materials for our works, and it often suggests ideas on how to use them in our work. We perceive rust or bumps on metal as a symbol of the natural flow of time. Annual rings of a tree, in our universe, are a metaphor of growth, development and overcoming difficulties. And glass is an embodiment of fragility and impermanence. All these picturesque marks of the time are woven into the fabric of the narrative, enriching the story.


Nikita Onda